And The’re Off




A new school year is upon us.

Usually happens this time of year.

I had some creative thoughts on the whole “Back To School” photo, but never had the time to execute them.

Not like last year, anyway.

Growing up, the new school year meant new shoes for me.

Going to Catholic school, that often meant leather shoes that would give me blisters and hurt my feet for the first few weeks.

Buster Browns my father called them, though they really weren’t.

In grammar school, of course, we also used (abused) shoes like sneakers at recess.

Playing tag, playing some type of handball.

Running from the bully.

Wrapping my feet around the chair in class didn’t help either. Used to drive my father nuts to see those scuffs on them.

Every Sunday he would go into the basement and wipe down and polish my brogues. It was his ritual.

Later on, around 8th grade, I started to wear dressier “dock siders.” Not as stiff plus pretty “in style.” The nuns agreed to them, too.

Not the popular Sebago brand, though. They were pricey. Still are, by the looks of it.

With my kids going to public school, that means new sneakers. Two pairs of Nikes and a pair of Vans.

Matt, now 7, couldn’t wait to wear his Vans. It’s killed him these past few weeks that he had to look at them in the box. Strict orders from his Mom: No wearing them until the first day of school!

He’d slip by that by just wearing them inside the house. But only for 10 minutes then he had to put them back in the shoebox.

So, in lieu of a super creative set up, I just took the opportunity to document the start of school with some very Fall-like props. We have trees in the front of our house that seem to be on their own schedule – all have turned already, making them the different kids on a block filled with still-green trees.

And maybe I should start wiping down their sneakers with an magic eraser every Sunday, too. Make them last longer, carry on Pop’s tradition.

Definitely looks like summer is over though.

Time for this new chapter to start.


© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2019

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