JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 09.08.19

Visual Week In Review_090719

“Do not settle for easy. Do not settle for that first image. Craft it, work it, and make something more out of it. And finally, don’t forget that the biggest joy in photography is making pictures of those things in your own life”. ~ David  Burnett

Usually I end these Week In Review posts with a quote, but I’m starting today’s with one.

It’s a good quote from photojournalist David Burnett.

Especially that last part: The biggest joy in photography is making pictures of those things in your own life.

Yesterday’s post was tight. This past week was tough in my house.

Actually, the last three weeks have been tough, especially for my wife. She watched her father succumb to a fast-acting lung infection. One that ultimately took his life.

I was in the hospital with her last Saturday night when he coded. And when HIS wife, my mother-in-law had to give the doctors the OK to stop trying to resuscitate him.

Just like that, his flame went out.

And, in preparation for his service on Saturday, I was going through many of my photo files looking for pictures of him. I didn’t have as many as I would have liked.

My wife’s parents don’t live far from us, so my kids have grown up going to their house, seeing them come over to ours.

And because of that familiarity, I don’t pick up the camera that much when they are here. I need to record more.

My parents live a couple of hours away, my kids (and myself) see them a few times a year. But when we do, I do try to snap photos.

Because you never do.

But as Mr. Burnett says, these are the things, the people, in my life.

Record them. Document them. Remember them.

We’re the documentarians. For ourselves and for others.

It’s what we do.


This Week’s Links:

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RIP Peter Lindbergh

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New Yorker: Alex Prager’s LA Dreaming

Artnet: What is Alex Prager Looking At

And, since yesterday was David Burnett’s birthday…here’s one of my days with David.

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