Dave Matthews at Sea Hear Now


I’m still working through a lot of my images from the Sea Hear Now Festival in late September. While I won’t be sharing everything here (I’m sure you get tired of endless concert photography posts) I’ll share what may be interesting to the wider audience.

Take the Dave Matthews Band. They’ve been a HUGE band for a long time now – 20 years maybe?


While I’ve only been a marginal fan of this South African musician – his songs get too long and rambling for my tastes – his fan base is HUGE! And dedicated.

DMB Fan_092219_DSCF3016

DMB Fan_092119_IMG_0250

Getting to the Surf Stage at Sea Hear Now in time for the DMB set took extra time. Then we photographers had to sign a release form before being let into the pit area. Good thing I gave myself enough time to stroll from the Sand Stage, where the Dropkick Murphys were playing, all the way to the Surf stage, making my way through throngs of people on the walkway.

But getting here early did allow me to chat with some of the fans, and get that tattoo shot!

DMB fan_SHN_092219_DSCF3005


The show started with more of a quiet opening than a real crash-bang like many shows do. But, that’s the Dave Matthews Band – jangling, rambling, trippy.

The photographers in the pit were laughing afterwards because, like the other acts, we were only able to shoot the first three songs. Well, you shoot a band like The Beach Rats, a fast-moving, punk-driven crash of drums and guitars collected in 2 1/2 minutes songs, those three songs go by really quick.

But you get a band like DMB, or Phish, or the Grateful Dead, well, those three songs can go on for a long, rambling 20 minutes. One is not better than the other, but it just goes to show, it’s not always the same.


Dave isn’t a really mobile performer, at least not in the first three songs. Basically at the mic with his guitar. But I still got some fun looks.



In this case, I don’t have to worry about timing a shot to a jump, or tracking him across the stage. I can move around (where I’m allowed) and look for fun or different facial expressions and looks.

As you can see, I’m coming in really close sometimes, and pulling back wide to show the whole stage and the band.



Tight shots were with the Canon 70-200mm, wider shots with my Fuji X100T.

I was able to grab other shots of the band, too, like the drummer, Carter Beauford, who, it seems has his own extensive fan base.

Carter Beauford_SHN_092219_MG_2270

Carter Beauford_SHN_mkrajnak_DSCF3017

After the three songs were done, we were take back out of the pit the long way….all the way around the back of the stage, past the tour buses, and then along a shuttle area (where I passed Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things).

By that time, the long weekend was pretty much over. My feet were tired. My shoulder was tired from raising the cameras all weekend long. I was hungry. The food trucks finally weren’t busy so I was able to grab a grilled vegetable wrap with no wait.

And one last shot.

Flo DMB_092219

Guess Flo is a DMB fan now, too.

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