Event: Photowalking Allentown, NJ (Not Pa!) 2019

Kelbys Photowalk 2019_100519_DSCF3753

Missing: Olivia Krajnak, who was already out shooting when we did the group pic. Flo took her place

Saturday, October 5 was the 12th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk.

And for the third year in a row, I led a photowalk in our little hamlet of Allentown, New Jersey (Not PA!)

It was a beautiful Fall day in Central New Jersey – not as warm and humid as in past years.  The goal of these photo walks is to help bring like-minded photography enthusiasts out from behind their computers or out of their darkrooms and do some shooting together. Another goal is to raise money to benefit Springs of Hope Kenya-Bagamoyo.

As in past year, I did a bit more chatting than shooting, but did manage to do a little stroll around Main Street. Even knowing the town well, I still found new things to photograph.


Half Moon Moth_100519_MG_3792



Old Bottles_mkrajnak_100519_MG_3767

Even snuck in a few portraits, as well.


Patrick Guido (IG @patrick_guido_photography)


Penelope Taylor (IG: @pentaylor)

John Brennan_100519_MG_3796

John Brennan (IG: @jvbren)

Photography can be very singular and a very personal experience. We have a tendency, especially in the age of social media, to look at other people’s photographs and think “Wow, what gear to do they use?” and “They are SO much better than me!” and “Why can’t I be that good?”

Heck, I’ve been going through that recently, too, while looking at all the photos the other photographers at Sea Hear Now took.

But you know what? Just by getting out there each day and shooting, we’re making progress, we’re getting better. This is a life-long pursuit, folks. We’ll always be learning, always be improving.

By getting out on these photos walks, and chatting with other photographers – whether they use the latest Sony mirrorless or just a basic point-and-shoot, we realize we’re all in this to have fun and to see what we can see out there in this big, beautiful world.


Let’s get out there and see it – make some beautiful photos!

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2019

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