BTS: Springsteen and the Civil War


The new exhibit, Springsteen: His Hometown Exhibit is now open in Freehold and off to a roaring start. I first mentioned it back in July where I gave a little background. 

I posted this image back then, but here’s a behind-the-scenes shot.


Shooting in the exhibit space back in early June, I kept it pretty simple: two Neewer LED lights (one main in a shoot-through umbrella, one bare kick light) and my Canon 430 flash.

The seamless is from Savage Universal, whose seamless paper I love, and is pretty affordable.

The easel was about $10 from Michael’s Crafts store.

Nothing too crazy but got the job done.

In post, though, I had to do a little cut-out to make Alexander Springsteen’s name a little more pronounced. Only way to do it so that if a publication ran it, the viewer could see it. I did a little vignetting too.

There’s probably a hundred ways to do this type of shot. Looking back, I probably could had done a flat-lay, too.

But this worked out well. The whole project was a learning experience. More behind-the-scenes shots to come.

Let me know what you think!

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