JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 10.19.19

Visual Week In Review_101919

The week I shot some items from the Civil War and the early 1970s.

I did some environmental portraits, and things in the environment.

And I did some event photography.

This week, one of my favorite photogs, Kendrick Brinson, had a fun thread going on Twitter, about what photographers have to be.

Aside from being the person pressing the shutter button, of course.

What she gave to start, and the responses she gave, are all very good.

There’s much more to it than just going *click*.

Part of what makes this all fun, to me, at least.


Anyone going to Photo Plus Expo? I’ll be going on Friday. See you there?


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched This Week: This Gun For Hire (didn’t know it was based on a Graham Greene novel)

And: To Live and Die in LA. Watch it with the sound off for good visuals. Solid car chase scene, too. And directed by William Friedkin.

What I Read This Week: I finished Supernatural Noir and Honorary Jersey Girl

NY Times: The Photographer Who Found His Power In Shades of Gray

PetaPixel: Street Photography Doesn’t Need To Be On

CBS News (Watch): America’s First Aerial Photograph

United Nations of Photography: Surprise Me

“No matter what lens you use, no matter what the speed of the film is, no matter how you develop it, no matter how you print it, you cannot say more than you see.” ~ Paul Strand, who was born October 16, 1860.

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