Tear Sheet: The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal_102819

A couple of weeks ago, Sammy Steinlight, the PR maven I’ve been working with on the Monmouth County Historical Association His Hometown project pinged me.

The Wall Street Journal wants to do a story on the exhibit. They have a list of certain items. Can you shoot them?

So, I carved out some time to head into Freehold to shoot the requested items.

There were some challenges – a few of the items were framed and behind glass and I couldn’t easily take them out. So, I had to do a few flat-lay shots, being careful not to get any reflection in the glass.

Brilliant Disguise_MCHA_mkrajnak_102019_DSCF3882

Handwritten lyrics from Brilliant Disguise

Some other items were really detailed, like the Medal of Valor that was given to one of Bruce’s relatives during the Civil War.


Inscription on back reads: “The Congress to Thomas T. Fallon Private Co K 37 New York. Valor for bravery at Williamsburg May 5, 1862”

But the shot I really loved was the one that wasn’t asked for but was sent along with the WSJ list, and actually made it into print: The “Two Guitars” photo.

Two Guitars_MCHA_mkrajnak_102019_MG_3953.jpg

The guitar on the left was played by the battalion musician that Alexander Springsteen most probably knew, as they were in the same Civil War battalion.

The guitar on the right was a guitar Bruce Springsteen played during his time in The Castiles (late 1960s). In the middle, is a scrapbook kept by Adele Springsteen, Bruce’s mother.

I had this shot in my head for few weeks, but didn’t know if I’d have the opportunity to shoot it. But then, after I got the shots I needed to for the WSJ, one of the exhibit curators asked me if there was anything else I need.

So….I politely asked…if it wouldn’t be too much trouble…could we get both guitars from out behind their glass cases so that I could shoot them?

There was a bit of a pause. The clock was ticking as the exhibit was almost ready to open for the day. Then he said he had to check.

As I waited, I planned on where I wanted to shoot it, and how I’d light it.

A couple minutes later, he came back and said “Sure, let’s do it.” So he brought the guitars over to me, and let me go to work.

I had two Neewer LED panels with me, and they would be my main light sources. They are a great value LED light, which I like to use. I then turned off the overhead lights and try to kill any glare or shadow on the guitars and on the plexiglass case.

Guitars BTS

The photo above shows a set up with my FujiX100T. However, I wasn’t really liking the color tone I was getting from this camera, so I switched over to my Canon 70D. (I also had the video screen turned off to the right of the case – having it on was creating issues as well.)

I kept the same LED set up, but also pushed my ISO to 1600. Believe I also brightened it some in post as well, and warmed it a bit as well.

But what I was left with was the image that I liked, and one that was close to my early vision. So, when I sent it to Sammy, he sent it along to the Wall Street Journal.

And lo and behold….that’s what the central photo was in the print version of the article! An online version of the article was posted this weekend, and that included a few of the other photos shot – but of course I like the print better, even if it means less pics.

It all came about because I asked to shoot the guitars and not just what the WSJ asked for.

Greetings from_101719_DSCF3976

Shoot what you have to shoot…then go get the creative shot YOU want to shoot.

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