Dispatches: Christmastime in Cork

River Lee_120619_DSCF6617

The River Lee Hotel

It’s always fun to travel during Christmastime.

Seeing a city, especially in Europe, all lit up for the holiday season makes it especially warm and inviting.

Even if it was a chilly evening with spitting down rain.

Oliver Plunkett_Cork_120719_DSCF6790

Such was the case in early December when I was in County Cork, Ireland, on business.

After long days of shoots in manufacturing facilities, it was nice to get out and get some air. Center City Cork was bustling with shoppers and sparkling with lights.

The English Market_120719

A lane in The English Market

Santa as in the square, listening to kids, young and…not so young.


Even saw a couple of buskers. The gal was doing a Cranberries song, and the gent was doing an acoustic version of Bowie’s Let’s Dance.  Gave them a few Euros each, and a smile to thank them.

Kady Rose_Cork_120719_MG_6874

Kady Rose


Cork Santa_120619

At St. Augustines Church, on Washington Street, I ducked in to take in the splendor and offer a broken hallelujah, lit a candle (the one on the left) and said a prayer for me and  my family.

St Augustines_120719

Why all the vertical shots? I pulled my phone out for the quick shots than working the Fuji or the Canon. The two busker shots were with the Canon 70D and my 70-200 lens. Glad it took it out on that night.

And, another shot of the River Lee hotel, where we stayed.

River Lee Kids_120719_DSCF6762

Those two young girls in the windows? Yes, they knew I was taking the photo. I gave them a big wave when I was done, and they waved back.

Hopefully, they enjoyed their stay as I did. And I hope they have a great Christmas.

Big day is almost here!

Now, if I can just remember where I hid my wife gift…

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2019

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