¡Viva Puerto Rico!

I love PR_Flo_120119_DSCF5764

A little over a month ago, early December 2019, I was in San Juan, Puerto Rico, during the first leg of my business trip photo shoot.

Coming from chilly New Jersey, it was a treat. The air was warm and tropical. We were staying at the Hotel Miramar. It was OK as far as hotels go, but my room didn’t look much like those on the website. Must have a different exposure. The view as ok, but needed the long lens to see any water. The chipped-away apartment building across the street on the left side was more readily visible.

Evening Light_120219_MG_6818

Late afternoon sun

But it was fine enough. It has been 10 years since I had been in San Juan, the last time being there with Joe McNally on another photo shoot. I hardly remember that trip, though. Ten years washes away a lot of the mind.

Camo Gilr_120119_DSCF5793

This time, I was in San Juan with Gary Chapman. The day before our shoot, I had some time to do a bit of a personal photowalk from my hotel to Old San Juan. I was to meet Gary and his wife, Vivian, at Barrachina, for dinner.

The three-mile or so walk gave me a nice amount of time to stroll, and to look, and to capture. Seeing what I could see.

Blue sky Building_120319_DSCF5759


Our Lady_120119_DSCF5734

San Juan Fisherman_120119_DSCF5769


Fire Lines_120119_DSCF5776

Saint Gerardo_120119_DSCF5811

It was stroll enveloped by tone, light and color. I worked up a little sweat in the humidity. The area under my camera bag strap darkened. The ocean trade-winds made my cotton shirt stick to me.




But it’s the things you see. The people you meet. Like Victor.


He wanted to return the favor, so I obliged.


That little hat Flo is wearing is called a pava – a straw hat made from the Puerto Rican palm tree. Vivian had found a small one earlier in the day, thought it would be good for Flo. Fit nicely.


After the  earthquakes this week, I’ve been thinking about Victor, and others I met during my travel in Puerto Rico. My colleagues said they are doing ok, but many are not. Here’s hoping things achieve a steady state there soon.

And let’s hope it’s not 10 years before I return to that beautiful island.

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