JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.08.20

Visual Week In Review_020820

This was the type of week I love as a photography generalist.

I shot some portraits, did some BTS work, some runway photography, some street photography.

I shot off of a specific shot list but also freelanced.

I had some fun with the portrait work.

I kept learning both behind the camera and with some post-processing elements that I can use in the future.

I imposed my will but in a polite, good way. When you have a vision, it’s up to you to execute it. Again, politely.

The only thing I didn’t do was make prints.

That’ll be this week.


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched: The Stonebridge Middle School production of Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

What I Read: Started Where the Crawdads Sing

Photofocus: How To Start A Portrait Photography Business in 2020

NY Times: RIP Kirk

Washington Post: The legendary work of Nadav Kandar

Are you a Beatle, A Monkee or something else?

NatGeo: At a grueling subartic race, a photographer finds calm.

“When it’s history, that moment will never be revisited again. Words can describe it, but images live on forever. I want these images to live beyond me to tell their own story, so someday young people can know from whence it came.” ~ Rudy Smith, photojournalist at the Omaha World Herald, who passed away this week.

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