Mirrorless, Mirrorless On The Wall

Canon EOS R

The Canon EOS R

“When I open my camera bag on location, it’s basically opening a tool box, and it is perhaps akin to an old school doc on a house call, opening their traditional leather bag, and peering inside, hoping to find the right remedy for the medical calamity at hand. ” ~ Joe McNally

Mirrorless cameras are all the rag now. Mirrorless cameras have been around a few years now, and they been getting better and better.

But what are there? Here’s a good overview from Adorama, written back in 2017. It all still holds though.

Mirrorless cameras have been getting better and better and many photographers are using them now. Joe McNally for one. 

Todd Owyoung, a fantastic music photographer, for another.


Bo – EOS R body, my 70-200 mm lens

I’ve spent many a late night, after my wife and kids have gone to bed, going down the YouTube rabbit hole of demos and reviews of mirrorless cameras. So much compelling evidence for…and against. While I wasn’t ready to pull the trigger and buy one outright, I decided to rent one to see what it can do.

A few weeks ago, when I had to the opportunity to shoot a show down at a seaside bar, I thought that would be a good opportunity to try out a mirrorless. So, I put in an order with BorrowLenses and rented a Canon EOS R from Thursday to Monday. Not a lot of time to be sure, but I was hoping this would give me some time to get started and try it out.

Along with the body rental, I also rented the adapter so that my Canon glass would work on this body.


EOS R, 70-200mm

I was hoping to have some time to really try it out before I hit the Headliner bar, but I really didn’t, unfortunately. Work was busy and by the time I pulled it out of the box, it was Friday afternoon. The shoot was in just a few hours.

While I love Borrowlenses, I usually rent, well, lens. Or a body I’m familiar with (that’s ow I came to pick up the Canon 70D a few years ago).

This EOS-R was a bit of different system than my Canon 70D. So when the body came, I realized they don’t sent a long the instruction manual! What the hell!

I wasted a good bit of time trying to find out where everything was. Finally, I just Googled it “EOS R booklet” and came came to Ken Rockwell’s website with a review of  EOS-R and, hallelujah, a user guide.

Still, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where things were just before the show started. But….best to just jump in and give it a go.

Bob Poulding Hat_01202_661A7928

Mike Rocket_012020_661A7949

Musician Mike Rocket

Mike Rocket_bw_012020_661A7941

Mike Rocket, before his set

Jake Clemons_01202_661A8091

Jake Clemons on stage

So what did I think?

Well, frankly, I struggled with it all night. I was happy I had taken my 70D along (and my Fuji X100T, too).  I shot the show a month ago, wanted to do this review sooner. At the time, my view of the EOS-R was dim.

But then I got busy, this stayed in my drafts. Just last night I started looking at my files from that show, the ones I posted here, and my view isn’t so dim. I got some keepers.

And I certainly like those daylight shots from the top of this post.

But…was it the EOS-R or the glass I had on it – the 70-200mm lens that I love?

The body size, compared to my 70D, is about the same. The weight is lighter, but not my much.

I read good and bad about the EVF. I’m on the fence about it. Frankly, I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would.

My hit rate, in a dark bar, was horribly low that night with it. I got some keepers, but not nearly as many as I was hoping for. I was getting concerned this was the case and pulled out my 70D for much of the show. And still got most of the shots I loved with my Fuji X100T.

I wish I had the chance to do some portrait work with it, but just never had the chance. Well, except for big Bo there at the top of this post.

There are many that say that the mirrorless is the way of the future, jump on early.

Maybe it is, maybe it is.

But right now, for much of the work I do, I just don’t see the need to switch at this time. I’ll continue with my DSLR and my Fuji.

I’m glad I tried it out as now my curiosity is cured.

For now, at least.

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