Event: The Blue Jacket Fashion Show 2020

Young Paris_BJFS_mkrajnak_020520_MG_8898

Young Paris getting ready for the Blue Jacket Fashion Show

Anytime I photograph something new/different/interesting, it’s fun.

A couple of weeks ago, I shot a fashion show in New York City.

Now, I had done this before: Last year was the was the first time I photographed the Blue Jacket Fashion Show which brings together athletes, entertainers and celebrities to help raise awareness about prostate cancer (February is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month)

BJFS backstage pass

My company is a main sponsor of the BJFS, since we had a strong focus in beating cancer. Last year, I was really like a fish out of water. This year, with another year under my belt, I was able to navigate the backstage a bit better, get a good spot on the risers during the actual catwalk, and know what too look for and who to shoot much better.

Here’s a few highlights

Bill Nye_mkrajnak_020520_MG_9454

Bill Nye “The Science Guy”

David Byrne_bw_mkrajnak_020520_MG_9148

David Byrne of The Talking Heads and Utopia, America


Dr. Oz


Ritchie  The Mountain” Lamontagne

Young Paris_020520_MG_9380

Young Paris

Alex Lundqvist_Jesse Palmer_BJFS_mkrajnak_020520_MG_9102

Backstage: Alex Lundqvist and Jesse Palmer

FrederickAnderson_Designer_Buster Skrine_020520_MG_8936

Backstage: Designer Frederick Anderson and Chicago Bears football player Buster Skrine

Dr Oz_AndreLeonTalley_020520_MG_9436

Dr. Oz takes a seat with Andre Leon Talley, former editor of Vogue and emcee for the evening


Tony Notiger


Group photo: Front, kneeling: Stylist TyRon Mayes, Ritchie The Mountain, Actor Dominic Fumusa Center: Simon Doonan Back, standing: Nigel Barker, Carson Kressley, Dr. Oz, Yusuf Myers, Buster Skrine, Elvis Duran, David Byrne

Overall, it was a fun night. I was able to turn the photos around quickly to the company team that needed them, and they got some nice flight on social media. Always fun to step out of the norm, a bit.

Odds and Ends


While in New York, I wanted to get two rolls of film developed at the place my friend, Bryan, uses. Alas, no love. They could only do the TX, not the EB. They referred me to another place in Manhattan, but I never got the chance to get over there.

I did, however, see an original Danny Clinch hanging in the print shop. Almost looked like a painting.


And, I did Donate A Photo to help raise money for prostate cancer research! It’s a cool app, check it out.

Donate A Photojpg

Cleaning up all sharp like! But time to get back into the photo pit.

David Byrne_bw_mkrajnak_020520_MG_9150

David Byrne

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5 thoughts on “Event: The Blue Jacket Fashion Show 2020

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    • Thank you, Ty-Ron. Very sorry not to have the chance to see you in person this year, but I watched on-line. Sharp, as usual! Hope to be back in person in 2022.

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