JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.29.20

JSP Visual Week In Revie_022920

Holy mackrel I was busy this week.

Last weekend, I did five shoots which then kept me busy culling and editing photos for the rest of the week. Or when I had a few extra minutes.

And that was in addition to my 9 to 5 job. Back in December, when I was in Puerto Rico and Ireland, it was on a corporate photo shoot. Now I’m finally coming to the end of that project, which mean final edits on the images Gary Chapman shot (and a few of mine) so that they could go into our company’s image library. Corporate stock photos, if you will.

Edits here include removing any brand names from equipment or laptops, or safety glasses, color correcting where needed, removing any visible name badges, cleaning up any grain and saving them as hi-res, 300 dpi print-ready files.

It’s not breaking rocks for sure, but it still takes time. And I like to do them myself – sending out to a retoucher is pretty costly. Plus, I know how I want them to look.

And, of course, all that my usual day job entails as well.

So, there was all that in addition to the four shoots I did last weekend. The Jesse Malin post yesterday was one of those shoots, but there were also two portrait sessions and two other performance session.

It was quite a few really late nights but I’m just about caught up. Not 100% but just about.

In world news, I was supposed to be in Philadelphia next week for a work conference. However, a number of my global colleagues, especially from the AsiaPac regions, are on travel restrictions due to the coronavirus. A number of other colleagues also cancelled travel. This led to the whole conference being cancelled.

I’m a bit bummed. I lived in Philly for 10 years, and always love to go back. Was hoping to explore a bit with the camera on any down time I had.

Hopefully, this outbreak will get stemmed soon and they will reschedule for later in the year.

Wash your hands, folks!


What I Read This Week: I started Deadline At Dawn by Cornell Woolrich

What I Watched This Week: Nighthawks, the 1981 crime drama with Sly Stallone and Billy Dee Williams.

Watch (15 min): You have to realize when the universe is cheering you on.

NY Times Lens Blog: A photographer’s search for beauty in everyday life

CreativeBoom: Why you should approach magazines to publish your work

Damn Ugly Photography: Brad Trent on shooting for the American Heart Association

Austin Kleon: Not All Screen Time is Equal

PBS: Miles Davis and the Birth of Cool (oh, I watched this this week, too.)

Smithsonian: Releases 2.8 million images into the public domain\

Listen on Spotify: Here’s a Philly Jams playlist I created in advance of the now cancelled conference.

“The way I work…there’s as much variety in my own back yard as there is in a thousand miles of travel.”  ~ Lou Bernstein, a NY-based photographer who was born February 28, 1911 and passed away in 2005

It’s the end of the month – back up your work!

And wash your hands!

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