JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 03.07.20

JSP Visual Week In Review_030720

Well, gee, we made it to March.

Third month of the year already.

And what do we got?

A near global pandemic on our hands. (hands, which I hope we’re washing, of course)

It was a crazy week here.

Monday, it was a nice day, so I went to pick my boys up from school rather than have them take the bus.

When we do this “parent pick up” we let them play on the playground for a while.

So, they were playing, and I was pecking out an email on my phone.

Chase comes running over: “Dad, come over here. Matt’s hurt.”

Me: “Ugh, what? Matt’s always getting hurt.”

Real sympathetic, huh? But I have boys. I hear this a lot.

I go over to Matt who is laying under this twisty ladder thing.

What happened, buddy? You ok?”

Then I saw his wrist and arm. Nope, not ok.

So, the first broken bone of the Krajnak kids’ lives. We’ve had stitches already but no broken bones.

Until now. His Little League season in jeopardy.

He’ll live, though.

Just will have a hard time washing that hand for awhile.


What I Read This Week: Started a Louis L’Amour book, Brionne.

What I Watched This Week: Mitchum in Angel Face

Listen: Steve Brazill on the Photofocus podcast about building relationships in music photography

Observer: Take a deep dive into the formative years of photography

Art In America: Dorothea Lange’s photography captured the despair of the nation.

The Guardian: A new book by Stephen Shore

Visual Inspiration.

“A photographic session is a joint, interpersonal exchange, a kind of creative encounter session at a high level of intensity. For me, photography is more a process of creating an experience than one of looking for pictures.” ~ Norman Seef, who had a birthday this week.

Back up your work!

Wash Your Hands!

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