JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 03.14.20

Visual Week In Review_031420


I mean, what more can you say?

What a week, eh?

I’m not going to wax poetic or anything like that.

We’re fighting an unseen enemy right now, but we all know what we need to do.

We all have a job to do.

We’re all in this fight together.

Do what you need to do, help out others if you can.

Above all: Stay safe. Wash you hands.

But keep creating. Now more than ever!


What I Read This Week:  The Road to Paradise

What I Watched This Week: Fred Macmurray and Kim Novak in the film noir, Pushover.

From Joe McNally: Honoring a Firefighter’s Life

Watch: Lindsay Adler on color theory

DIY Photo: Why your photos aren’t winning competitions by Zack Arias

Tech: Send big files via Adobes Creative Cloud and Gmail

Photoshelter: How freelancers are dealing with the economic effect of the coronavirus

On a side note, many of my musician friends are finding many of their gigs cancelled due to social distancing. These are folks that are grinding out day jobs to pursue their passion (like many of us non-pro photographers). Anyway, I’ll be highlighting them on my social platforms. Maybe go and check out the links I serve up at my LinkTree  and download a song, an album, buy a tee, a stick, whatever you can to help out the music community.

BTW – I’ve been working from home for over two years. It gives me great flexibility in my day, and I’m happy to have that at this stage of my life and career. If anyone will be WFH now, and has questions or needs tips, ping me. Happy to help!

“The last time I changed my camera was 50 years ago. All I need is a good face and the right light. “ ~ British photojournalist Jane Bown (March 13, 1925 – December 21 2014)

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