JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 03.28.20

Visual Week In Review_032820

The week seems like an eternity without even a real weekend to look forward to. I’d look forward to saddling Bo up in the truck on a Saturday morning to drive to the recycling center.

We’d listen to music, I’d open the back window and he’s stick his head out, the wind blow back his shaggy black fur to reveal his kind almond eyes.

Now that is shut down too. We drove out to get a pizza last evening (keeping respectable distance from the local staff but still being able to help out their business), but drive was quick and uneventful.

On the plus side, I haven’t had to put gas in my truck in over a week. But not many more  pluses than that.

My fear is that I’m not alone. The American people will not continue social distancing – not that we’re doing a great job of it already – will tire of the restriction (after just days, not weeks) and people will continue to congregate, and this pandemic will continue to spread.

What is keeping you sane, keeping you busy? My day job kept me busy all week. Now, more than ever, web and digital communication is a a premium. I think back to the bad advice I once got “You don’t want to be known as just the ‘website guy.'”

Well, the website guy has been busy craft new content and building new webpages for a site that gets 50,000 hits a month.

So, I’m busy M-F. And probably last Sunday to Friday, because part of my team is in India.

But I’m also planning some photoshoots when this is all done. Really planning them out. There were some really great workshops on line this week that I’d keep on in the background. That Zoom app is coming in handy.

Flipped through a few others books of visual inspiration as well – once called High Country Landscapes from a longtime-online friend, Jeff Lynch, who had a birthday this week. Another of great LIFE photographers, a book I bought for about $8 on a Barnes & Noble bargin rack onetime, but which propelled me into to learning about the greats whose names I never knew.

So, keeping busy. But staying close to home, too.

How about you?


What I Read This Week: I started The Shooting Party by Isabel Colgate

What I Watched This Week: That Little Ol’ Little Band from Texas

What I Listened To This Week: UN of Photography 100 podcast

NY Times: We take the dead from morning till night

Vanity Fair: Lockdown: The Eye of the Storm

ArtNews: Polaroid through two lenses

PetaPixel: Drone portraits of people having fun, staying in isolation

PetaPixel: 1,100 photo course for free

Shifter: What’s the difference between Blurb and MagCloud?

Huck Magazine: The Solace of Sketchbooks

“The first thing that I found out about myself was that having a camera made me walk about… made me look at everything that I saw. It made me study light.” ~ Harold Chapman, who was born March 23, 1927

Stay safe everyone! Wash Your Hands! Back up Your Work! Make Prints!

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2 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 03.28.20

  1. This week have been busy with working at home for five days then having a long day today with an assessment trip today to evaluate a facility for healthcare should it be needed in the current pandemic. The written report is due by 10:00 AM tomorrow. With luck, I’ll be able to remember what a camera is when the crisis is over.

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