JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 04.04.20

Visual Week In Review_040420

March was the longest damn month ever.

I saw some meme where it showed the calendar page of March and the blocks in the first two weeks were somewhat normal, but then it all went haywire.

Pretty much.

For myself, this past week sped by. I was so busy with my day job that it was Wednesday before I knew it. Then Thursday and Friday just slid by and we’re here at the weekend.

But that feels pretty much like the weekdays, except I don’t have any conference calls or Zoom meetings to get on.

I don’t want to keep restating the obvious on here. We all are aware that we are in unprecedented times. So I’ll stick the common theme that this blog has generated for 10 years now: Photography, what I’m working on, what I’m learning, what I’m reading, and anything else of that ilk.

Stay safe everyone. Please, please do your best to stay home, wash you hands, wear gloves when you go out, wear a mask when you go out, if you can. Can’t hurt.

We’re all in this together to get out of it together.


What I Watched This Week: I finished Ozark Season 3, and my wife and I started watching Little Fires Everywhere

What I Read This Week: In addition to The Man In The Brown Suit and The Shooting Party, two books I’m working on, I read the latest issue of The Smithsonian magazine.

What I Listened To This Week: A new song, Red & Blue, by my buddies The Vansaders

CNN: Photojournalists are risking their lives during the pandemic

The Guardian: Getty uses remote work to save photos

ArtNews: Duane Michael’s Empty NY Streets from the 1960s

Listen: An incredible audio interview from 1941 with William Henry Jackson, whose Yellowstone work I came to love after learning more about him during our trip there last summer.

The Guardian: The New American West in pictures

Watch: Pete Souza on the gear he used as Obama’s White House Photographer

“Light is an interpretive tool in the hands of a photographer. He can make it harsh or soft, revealing or concealing, flattering or libelous. The more he knows about the versatility of light, the easier it is to cope with any picture-taking situation he encounters.” ~ Peter Gowland

Please stay safe everyone!

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