A Pandemic Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday_APC300_mkrajnak_040520_MG_0779

Throughout 2020, I’ll be documenting various activities for the 300th anniversary of Allentown Presbyterian Church.

Allentown Presbyterian Church was empty this past Sunday, Palm Sunday.


In the time of a pandemic, the church hasn’t seen people. Sunday services are livestreamed via Facebook. Me and my family check in, and we usually note there are 80 to 120 people viewing the stream, so that good.

Palm Sunday Cross_040520_MG_0791

Palm Sunday starts Holy Week for Christians, and usually, APC would have been filled.

But staying at home was enforced, thought drive-up palms were available with proper social distancing measure taken (including a long lens)

Palm Sunday_APC_mkrajnak_040520_MG_0771

Not exactly the way APC was hoping to celebrate the start Holy Week. But the little church with the big heart and strong congregation will stay together through it all.

And I’ll document it along the way. Long lens and all.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2020

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