Photographing Mighty Max

max weinberg

Max Weinberg, left, and Bob Santelli

Today is Max Weinberg’s 69th birthday, so I thought of this photo. Max is the long-time drummer of the E Street Band.

Back in April 2018, I was shooting for Backstreets Magazine and had the chance to do a quick portrait of Max a couple of years ago at the Asbury Park Music & Film Festival.

Max and Bob Santelli, executive director of the Grammy Museum, did a fireside chat at the House of Independents in Asbury Park. I got the normal shots of the two on stage, but I wanted something more.

HOI has this cool exposed brick wall. I thought this would make for a good background for a portrait. I was banking on the fact that Max and Bob would exit the stage and leave past this area, so I hung around there when I felt the talk was come to an end. Sure enough, that’s how they exited.

I stopped them and introduced myself. I had met Bob once before, at a Monmouth University Springsteen event, but not sure he remembered me.

But saying your shooting for Backstreets goes a long way when you’re talking to the drummer of the heart-stopping, pants-dropping, hard-rocking, booty-shaking, love-making, earth-quaking, Viagra-taking, justifying, death-defying, legendary E Street Band.

They gave me a few minutes and I got the non-stage portrait shot I wanted to deliver to  Backstreets. Quick and simple but still one of my favorite shots.

Please stay safe everyone! Wash Your Hands!

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