Cast-Off Portraits


Back in early march, my 8 year old son fell off some playground equipment after school and broke his arm.

The pandemic hadn’t really taken hold yet. Kids were still in school, no social distancing. He was bummed he’d miss the early part of the Little League season. He’s a catcher and has been ready to go since he got new gear for Christmas. His bedroom wall is a testament to his love of baseball. Fathead decals of all the major league baseball teams.

Tucking him in at night, we often have discussions about which logo we like the best.

Matt portrait_041820_DSCF0453

Now a month and a half later, he got his cast off last Friday. Still has to wear a brace for a couple more weeks. He hasn’t been in a school building in three weeks, and the LL season now on hold, he’s missed no games after all.

A rainy Saturday last weekend afforded me time and opportunity to do some “cast off portraits” in his small room. He was happy to partake, and it was good portrait practice in a small area for me.

Matt has good natural light in his room, but I wanted excuse to pull out my Neewer strobe and Impact Lighting Umbrella softbox. Still trying to learn “the way of the light” so even though I could have shot this in natural light, I wanted to work a bit to override it.


But, before I had my star catcher step in, I had to test my lights with Maude.


I picked Maude up in at a art supply store a few months ago. She’s ok. A little stiff, but good to help me with lighting set up (I haven’t taken her on location  yet – strictly home work.)

Matt Room_041820

With his MLB logo wall as my main background, this was set up number one using my Fuji X100T. I had my Canon 70D ready, but just really doing portraits with the small Fuji.

Fuji BTS

The shot of Matt tossing the ball up in his catchers gear was the one I wanted. Once I got it, I moved his side table over some to give me access to his plain wall. I won’t lie, when we paint rooms in the house now, I’m always thinking of colors that may make a nice background for photos.

I moved the light behind me and had my subject sit down on the apple box.


I like this one a lot. But had to go B&W, too.


So, there it was: One small room, one small boy but a couple of different portraits set-ups using one light. Still learning as I go, but trying to get better each time out.

One last photo with my buddy before we broke the set down.


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