JSP Visual Week in Review ~ 05.02.20

Visual Week In Review_050220

I broke a camera lens this week, my 24-105mm.

It was on the tripod when I was trying to shoot my self-portrait (upper left box) on my birthday last Saturday. Tripod tipped over, not sure why, and the whole rig hit the driveway.

The lens itself popped out of the barrel and the barrel cracked.


On one hand, it’s interesting because I get to see the inner workings of the tool that is the key to what I do. I’m much more the “Spend money on glass and not body” guy.

But there’s the thing: Spend money. No one loves to do that. Not ever.

Yes, it’s always fun to get new toys, but, for me at least, that always comes with “ugh. Should I have bought that?”

Hey, with three kids, two dogs, one wife, a mortgage and all that goes on it, shelling out money for camera gear, while a wonderful idea, is not high on my list of priorities.

But, I do need to get this fixed or replaced. My friend Bryan gave the name a good repair shop,Phototech, in New York (but only taking orders from NJ now), so I’m go to send it out to them and go from there. At first I was excited about getting a new lens, maybe going 24-70 since I have a proper zoom now, but then I was looking at prices and I quickly threw the parking break on, like Maverick did when he had that MiG on his tail.

So, we’ll see where that goes. I’ll report back.


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched This Week: Motherless Brooklyn. Visually compelling and beautiful. Too long and involved.

What I Read This Week: I finished Farewell, My Lovely this week. Started The Lady Vanishes.

Stream: The Times of Bill Cunningham (from the Princeton Garden Theater, no less!)

Chicago Sun Times: Charles Cluster’s photos of Route 66

Video: Shoot With A Pro (Brian Ach) photographs Joanna Gaines (this looks like a cool new channel. I sorta know Brian from the Blue Jacket Fashion Shows I’ve shot)

Smithsonian Mag: How 13 seconds changed Kent State forever

Also Smithsonian Mag: Classic monster films rooted in science

CPJ: How photographers are staying safe

Podcast: Finding poetry in Dorothea Lange

Nick Cave: Stealing Like An Artist

Watch: Lindsay Adler on using everyday objects in the studio

UN of Photography podcast: What is ‘contemporary’ photography?

Esquire: The photography of Carl Fischer

ADVICE: Back up your April Work!

“It is part of the photographer’s job to see more intensely than most people do.” ~ Bill Brandt, who had a birthday yesterday.

Please stay safe everyone! Wash Your Hands!

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