JSP Visual Week in Review ~ 05.09.20

JSP_Visual Week In Review_050920

All of the photos this week were shot on my phone, processed in Snapseed.

I don’t think I’ve had an all-phone photo visual review before. But everything I shot this week was on my phone.

It’s a convenience thing. Every morning, I’ve been getting out for a long walk or a long ride on my bike. The phone goes in my pocket rather than the Fuji.

I walk, I snap.

I roll, I snap.

I try different setting, move the focus and the ISO and f stop. Like a real camera.

Because it is a real camera.

It doesn’t fit in my hand the way I like a “real” camera to do but it’s the tool of choice right now.

Tomorrow, I have an idea for a Mother’s Day photo with Leslie and the kids. I’ll use the Fuji, or maybe the Canon, for that.

I’m no Jack Hollingsworth. But my Samsung A50 + Snapseed has been helping me continue to see even if the Fuji isn’t hanging off my shoulder.

Do you find yourself shooting more with your smartphone now as opposed to before the quarantine? Or no change?


Today is Mother’s Day, which can be a hard day, especially in these times. Maybe your mom has passed. Maybe you can’t visit and give hugs like you normally would. But hope you both were able to connect some how anyway. But if not today, tommorrow is a great day to be Mother’s Day. Actually, any day is.

I called my mom today. Here’s me and Mom, 1973.


This Week’s Links

What I Read: Paper form, I started a Perry Mason novel called The Case of the Substitute Face. Ebook I started Pushing Water by a writer I know, Dana King.

What I Watched: Road to Perdition. Holy mackerel this is great. Beautifully shot. I saw it a long time ago and my rewatch has pushed into my Top 5 favorite movies now. It’s on Netflix now but I ordered the DVD to be able to watch it in B&W, which I heard is fantastic.

Watch: Character portraits with Joe McNally and Daniel Norton

Listen: Daniel Milnor on a whole bunch of thingsbut his part about nature around the 37 min mark is great.

Watch: Brian Ach shoots John Legend

Keep it on the one.

RIP, Good Golly: Little Richard

Grit and Red Wine: Tony Vaccaro beats COVID19

“Light is a loaded thing.”  ~ Robert Adams, who had a birthday this week.

Please stay safe everyone! Wash Your Hands! Wear A Mask

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