Soft Vanilla, Dipped In Chocolate, Please


“When this over, and I do have faith that it is going to be over, I want to do the simple things again. I want to get an ice cream cone at the Jersey Freeze, be able to walk inside, step up to the counter and say ‘Soft vanilla, dipped in chocolate please.‘ ” ~ Bruce Springsteen, on Sirius XM yesterday.

Shot this on a rainy August 2019 evening. That’s Olivia there on the left side of the frame by my truck.

With all due respect to Bruce, I had a wonderful black raspberry in a waffle cone myself.

Jersey Freeze, like the sign says, has been around 1952. It’s a Freehold institution part of our landscape in that part of the state. And Bruce has been going there a long time – he often mentions it on stage in his story telling parts.

And I was definitely thinking about the wonderful New Jersey photographer George Tice when I shot this.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2020

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3 thoughts on “Soft Vanilla, Dipped In Chocolate, Please

  1. Nice image, Mark. I’ll have to stop there one day when I’m back in Freehold. Yes, it is an homage to George Tice—one of my favorites.

  2. I do miss many things. What I miss the most are the merry and boisterous converstaions times with friends and family while sipping a pint of American micro-brewed ale in the bar room at the Brick Farm Tavern.

    I’ve never heard of Jersey Freeze but I like visting historic places like this.

    Stay safe, Mark and perhaps when this is all over we can share a moment with ice cream at Jersey Freeze.

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