JSP Visual Week in Review ~ 05.30.20

Visual Week In Review_053020

This was the opposite of a good week.

First, we lost our gal.

Still stings.

But, on a bigger scale, America is broken. There is so much unrest, it’s deeply troubling.

Three years ago, such a big deal was made about a black athlete kneeling during the National Anthem to protest how blacks are treated in this country.

A peaceful protest.

But the spin masters at 1600 Pennsylvania turn it as only they can.

It wasn’t about racial unrest in the America, no, he’s anti-American, anti-American Flag, they preached.

And that’s how the narrative progressed. And people bought into it


Another human being was killed by excessive police force this week.

Now, cities across the US, including my beloved Philadelphia, are burning in protest.

White, black, yellow, red. A human being.

“A riot,” Dr. Martin Luther King said, “is the language of the unheard.”

No, I don’t like the rioting. The destruction seems counterproductive.

But it is understandable at this point. People can take only so much.

The Stonewall riots worked. So did that little riot we had in Boston one time

September 2017

September 2017, NYC

Things have to change.

Though I’m very pessimistic they won’t.

Eric Garner.

George Floyd.

So many more.

Rest in peace.


No links this week. There are a lot of voices that need to be heard right now. Please go and listen to them.


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