Summer Starts


June 1.


Already, June.

The start of my favorite three months of the year.


Feels a little different this year, though.

No big trips planned, for obvious reasons.

No big concerts planned to shoot, for obvious reasons.

But, still, it’s SUMMER!

I have  a new hammock in the backyard.

I have quite a few new books to reads (Summer Reading List coming soon)

We  have a new grill (RIP to the Weber that lasted 14 years)  to create delicious summer dishes.

We have a new tent, to do some backyard camping, at least.


I’m riding my old bike more, exploring our little area of NJ on two wheels, a few miles at a time.


And I have three (somewhat) willing subjects to continue to document and try things out on.


The last few weeks have been rough in so many ways.

But now it’s summer. Here’s to hoping things even out and we can all plan to enjoy these lazy days of beautiful light and fantastic family and friends.

Fill the frame! Back up your work! Stay Safe!

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2020

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2 thoughts on “Summer Starts

  1. The week started off difficult and has only gotten worse. I keep hoping that people will start talking and listening. I don’t want to see another summer like 1967. I fear not for myself but for those who will suffer for daring to raise their voices and demand to be heard. A photo of people from the various communities meeting to hear each other and find common ground to move forward peaceably would inspire the country more that a staged photo op designed to play to a base of supporters.

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