JSP Visual Week in Review ~ 06.06.20

Visual Week In Review_060620

Was this really just six days ago?

I don’t know that I’ve ever had a more sad week in my life.

My dog died last week, and yet this week was still sadder.

I’m sad for my kids. My country. And all those suffering any form of racism and exclusion.

Through various forms of media – social and otherwise – I’ve watched my beloved country rise UP…and FALL down.

And fall down hard.

In the aftermath of last weeks unjust murder in Minneapolis, a match has been lit and a fire has started.

Perhaps THIS TIME the United States is on its way to social and racial equality.


Call me crazy…but I’m 50 now.

I’m too damn pessimistic to believe its so.

Maybe that’s what 50 breeds: Pessimism.

Why? Because, on June 1, I watched when peaceful protesters and journalists were viciously attacked by armed police (some part of an “unnamed” police unit) and military in order to make way for Trump’s disgraceful, disgusting photo op in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Holding a Bible no less.

I’m surprised his hand didn’t burn holding that bible. Perhaps it was an fake.

The acts of this week have gotten me down. Really down.

Going for ice cream last weekend, I talked to my boys about racism. And why there are bad cops in the world. Cops that don’t server and protect but hurt and destroy.

And murder.

When we say our grace at dinner time now, we pray for the world.

Can’t even narrow it down some nights. Just “The world.”

So what do I do? I ride.

I’ve started my mornings with 5-10 mile rides on an old, heavy mountain bike that I used to race around the Marin headlands when I lived in San Francisco, 15 years ago.

Now I find different paths around Upper Freehold Township to clear the buzzing in my head, before my first Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Skype call of the day.

It helps. A little.

All the photos above, this week, were from the rides. (Except Bo’s haircut photo. At least one of us got a professional haircut).

I didn’t pull out a proper camera all week.

Not sure I really felt like it, to be honest.

While it’s not time to move on, I’m going to keep moving forward.

Teaching my kids who the good guys are in this world.

And who the absolute frauds are.

I understand I’ll never really understand but I STAND against racism, injustice and inequality.

Still, after this week, I’m tired. And it’s only been a week.

Think about all those that have been fighting for years.

In any case, moving forward.


Not my phone but from a New Jersey artist, Anna Sibel


What I Read This Week: I finished Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben. Only gave it two out of five stars on Goodreads. It was about 100 pages too long. Mr. Coben needs an editor.

What I Watched This Week: If Beale Street Could Talk. Wanted to see it when it came out. Had to see it now. Sad, enlightening, beautiful.

Watch: Joel Meyerowitz, Photographer

Read: Fix small things when big things are broken. (In the same vein, complete a small project. I started and finished a really small, inconsequential yard project – put some rocks around a mailbox last weekend – but it made me fell GOOOOOD.)

Watch: Joe McNally goes through a workflow using Capture One. I had this on in the background while working this week. Some nice pieces here.

National Geographic: Protest Pictures can reveal history

Photofocus: Take better phone photography tips

My Modern Met: Fun photos interacting with architecture

“It’s all so simple – no one believes me … you strike a pose, then you light it. Then you clown around and get some action in the expressions. Then, you shoot.” ~ George Hurrell (June 1, 1904 – May 17, 1992)

And don’t forget to back up your work. And wash your hands.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2020

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2 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week in Review ~ 06.06.20

  1. Being 50 is not what makes you pessimistic. It is years of seeing things be repeated and seeing the same outcomes. The isolation of social distances, virtual meetings, barriers like masks, and other means while the pandemic continues with no end in sight feeds that pessimism. I have found that turning off the TV, spending time family, and friends, spending time on things you enjoy, music, and with strangers (in person or virtually) with which you share a common interest can help restore some balance to my perspective. Being around volunteers that are helping others helps my state of mine. Remember the successes when the public forced a change. The protests and music of the 1960’s and 1970’s helped change the direction of military actions in southeast Asia.

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