Review: In Ex-Tee-Three!


XT3…Ex-Tee-Three….see what I did there?

Pretty clever, eh?

A couple of weeks ago, I noted that I had a weekend visitor, the Fuji XT3, and that I’d provide a review.

And so it shall pass. Here’s my review:

I love this camera.


I love how it feels in my hand. I love all the dials and knobs on the top of the camera to adjust ISO, f/stop and exposure compensation.

I love that, because I’ve been shooting with the X100T for a few years, getting to know the XT3 happened in a handshake. I took it out of the Borrowlenses box, put in the already-charged batter, and away we went.



The last three images here came from the first hour I had it. To me, they are all keepers.

Renting a lens is one thing.

OK, I need a zoom. Thanks. Great. OK, I’m done. Here you go, it’s back.

Renting a whole camera…well, you may be committing to something then. Hard to not look for greener grass.

Is this the tool I need now? Should I get this?

Speaking of green grass and nature.

Westhaven Truck_062020_DSCF0218

When I decided to rent this, as a Father’s Day gift to myself, I wasn’t sure I really had anything to shoot. Thought I’d just bum around with it.

But then I set up a meeting with a young musician, Connor Bracken, down in Asbury Park, and I was able to do some portraits of him with it.




And then I set up a Father’s Day shoot with the kids (technically, my wife tripped the shutter with these. I just art directed.)


Pic 4_0621220_DSCF0502

And then, I even got in some documentary/photojournalism work when our local barbershop opened for the first time in 100 days. As a bit of a surprise, our mayor came by to be the first customer and get a buzz cut! His daughter did the first swipe and Hector finished the job.





So, aside from shooting an all-out show at The Stone Pony, I got to test this camera in my real world, how I’d pretty much use it.

And it was great. Even connecting it to sync up with my phone – sending an image from the camera to my Samsung via the Fuji app was flawless. So many times now when I shoot a band, they want an image to send out on social right before they go on stage. Yes, a snap with a phone can work, but I like to make a solid photo. To be able to send it to them in a few seconds actually is a big benefit now. My Canon app doesn’t work as well.

So, the XT3 gets a strong endorsement from me. So much so, I’m seriously considering selling my DSLR and moving to this Fuji system full time.

Stay tuned!

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