JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 07.11.20

Visual Week In Review_071120

I’m in the middle of a short, early (almost mid) July vacation.

Not doing to much in the time of quarantine.

Thursday was a gorgeous day, my first day off. We went to the beach. All socially distant.

Friday is rained and rained and rained. We didn’t leave the house, for the most part. Kids played PS4 and MLB19, my wife and I read, played some board games. Pretty low key but it was nice, actually.

Today should be ok. I just came back from a 16 mile bike ride on some gravel trails near me.  Getting two wheels under me again has been fun. I need to do a post of just my “Seen While Cycling” photos.

The world keeps spinning. Things are all still wrong all over the place. But I voted in the primaries last Tuesday and that’s a first step.

What’s new with you?


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: I finished The Rules of Magic and started The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie

What I Watched This Week: Psycho (1998). When this first came on, I forgot they had done the remake of Psycho. I mean…why?? But, while Anne Heche and Vince Vaughn aren’t great, William H. Macy, Viggo Mortensen, a cameo by Robert Forester at the end…it’s not that bad.

What I listened To This Week: Your Ghost by Dave Hause. I downloaded it from Bandcamp. Read and listen here.

UN of Photography: To be a 21st Century Photographer

Photoshelter: David Burnett on the Photo Bill of Rights.

Petapixel: And a response.

Smithsonian Magazine: The sordid history behind Mount Rushmore

Smithsonian Magazine: A snapshot of life in 1981

Video: Dan Milnor on film photography

“Create from that perspective – non-stop. Always be making something. It’s the best feeling as an artist to be prolific. It’s not always going to work out and be successful, but you have to be working and creating all the time. Always be looking and making.” ~ Jill Greenberg

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3 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 07.11.20

  1. What’s new in my world is actually mostly old and most of that is very routine and boring. It’s mostly get up, work from home with trip to the office about once a week, spend a little while on stuff around the house, go to bed, and repeat the next day. A once-a-decade screening procedure this past week was fine with the doctor telling me that he’d see me in ten years. My state’s primaries are next month and I’ve requested an absentee ballot to minimize the opportunity to become infected with the Covid-19 virus while voting. A class for work that was rescheduled from June to August due to the pandemic was been changed this week from a classroom event to an on-line event. My camera sits in my messenger bag waiting for a good opportunity to go out and play. An old desktop computer is awaiting some TLC due to the motherboard failing with swollen capacitors. (This is next weekend’s project.) The high school’s marching band’s schedule is up in the air as are the fall contact sports die to the pandemic.

    I doubt I have a vacation or staycation for a while. It is likely that the late September trip with the granddaughter to Walt Disney World will be canceled. If it is, it may turn into a February trip when the daughter and son-in-law run in a half marathon. Between now and then, I may try to get a new toy or two like new amateur radio or new camera lens, and tackle a couple of new projects like putting up a new radio antenna, earning my extra class amateur radio license, working on some photos, and planning a couple of post-pandemic trips with lots of interesting stuff and photo opportunities.

    • It’s almost like that line in Prince’s Raspberry Beret: “Seems that I was busy doing something close to nothing
      But different than the day before….” Hang in there, David. Make an opportunity to take that camera out. And good luck with those swollen capacitors! 🙂

      • While I may sound a little down, it’s not bad. I’m working and the pandemic gave me a lot of overtime that could provide a couple of nice lenses. I’ll be getting one long tele zoom and hope to get out when the heat index is not in triple digits. (Today was 113.) I’m trying to scout some interesting places for wildlife in the fall and winter. I’m keeping my distance from the two legged wildlife on the beaches and in the bars.

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