Happy National Ice Cream Day


Chase, 2012

I wasn’t always a big ice cream person.

Even as a kid, I could kinda take it or leave it.

I did like the Major League Baseball Helmet Sundays from Dairy Queen though. Soft vanilla with strawberries on top.


A DQ in North Jersey

And the ice cream floats my dad would make on Sunday evenings were pretty good.

And a pretty good late ’70s sugar bomb rush too.

As I got older, and more into fitness, I didn’t touch ice cream for a long time. Thought frozen yogurt was better.

It wasn’t.


Carter in Wyoming, PA. I got many a brain freeze from grape slushies here.

But, as I got older and more lenient with my diet, I tried it all…

Italian ice in South Philly.

Gelatto in Rome.

Dippin’ Dots in the mall.

Nothing beat just good ol’ plain ice cream.


Blue Ribbon, Exeter, PA

Milk. Sugar. Flavoring of your choice.

I’m still partial to a creamy, tasty peach or blueberry or black raspberry.

Maybe a butterscotch or maple walnut to change off.

Like the hard ice cream rather than the soft. But in a pinch, it’ll do.


A post-show soft ice cream


The heat index is to be over 100 degrees here in New Jersey today.

Might need to dip into some tasty ice cream at some point.

Seems only appropriate!


Evening in Harrionsburg, Virginia, 2017



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