JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08.01.20


Well, hey, look, it’s August.

August? Really, already?

What happened to that solid middle Summer month of July?

Well, I’m doing much better than I was a week ago.

I took my trainer’s (nee my wife’s) advice, and I’ve stayed off the bike all week.

More stretching, more foam rolling, more walking, more swimming laps.

The pain on the right side isn’t as bad this week. The stretching, I think, is working.

But it was another busy work week, and another busy week of baseball in the evenings.

Three games for my boys. No wins. Still winless on the year.

But it’s fun to see them out there competing, having some little personal victories every game. Trying their best.

Also had a couple of new additions – and subtractions – to the camera bag, as evidence by that bottom left corner panel.

More to come on that this week.

Anyway, it’s August.

The dog days are in front of us.

As is another national park vacation for us, fingers crossed.

Back up your work!


This Week’s Links

What I Read This Week: Finally finished Opium and Absinthe

What I Watched This Week: Once Upon A Time in Hollywood (again), and Season 2, Episode 1 of The Umbrella Academy

The Atlantic: Why Is Bob Ross Still So Popular?

National Geo Archives: The Maiko Cover

Developing: Kodak now a Pharma Company

Science Magazine: How The Cover Was Done

National Geographic: If you need to travel now, here how to do it safely

Watch: Sean Tucker on becoming a professional photographer

Listen/Watch: Kenneth Jarecke roadtrips out west.

RIP Wilford Brimley

Learn About: Vivian Cherry

“You can take a good picture of anything. A bad one, too.” ~ William Eggleston (July 27, 1939)

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One thought on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08.01.20

  1. It’s good to see you are improving after the injury. Not winning is difficult for the kids. It’s good that their coaching is making the best of the situation. I hope the camera bag changes work out well as does the planned visit to the national park.

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