Makin’ Prints

Bobby Mahoney_072020

Bobby Mahoney And The Seventh Son at The Stone Pony, May 2020

I’ve been making some prints again.

Some for me, some for clients, some to just give away.

Andrew Print_DSCF0502

Andrew, from a recent shoot

Assumpink Horse_052020

Commissioned Print


Connor Bracken Prints_082020

Connor Bracken in Asbury Park


I had made a print of this one that someone bought last year, and made an 8×10 for myself. Decided to bigger with this one….but it still doesn’t fit a 12×18 frame I have laying around. So, going to print again. Friends also moved into a new house. Thinking of getting this printed on metal and sending it as a housewarming gift.

As I’ve said before, print your photos, folks. Get them off your phone and micro SD cards and hard drives. See what they look like on paper. I recommend using Printique from Adorama if you have to do it online. Lots of other good options out there as well, but I really like Printique.

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