JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08.29.20

Visual Week In Review_082920

This was re-entry week for me.

We made the long drive home from Maine last Saturday and spent Sunday getting regrouping. And doing lawn work.

But here we are. One more week left in was was presumably as summer.

It’s been a weird one for sure. Memorable? Yes, to some extent, I think.

Given where we live and our general pace of life, it wasn’t so bad. 

But now with school starting soon – my daughter will try the hybrid version our school district is proposing, but my sons will be home schooled by my saint of a wife – things will continue to be unsettled and different. 

The unrest in our country continues, the divide is great. Nothing will magically disappear at any time – not the virus, not the breakage of the people around here.

So what does one do? 

You continue to look for the good. 

You continue to shoot photos.

You continue to create art.

Don’t doomscroll, as they say. 

I’ll probably do some posts about Maine and Acadia National Park, but I always hesitate to do so. I mean, who really wants to see other people’s vacation photos?

But maybe some will make you smile or make you research Acadia for your next outdoor adventure. Then that would be good.

In the meantime, keep swinging. Keep your chin up.

And do the best that you can.


This Week’s Links

What I Read This Week: I have a few books going but I’m losing steam on them. Boiled Over and Five Roundabouts To Heaven

What I Watched This Week: More old episodes of Miami Vice.

Vogue UK: What Is Hope?

The Guardian: The Mexican Weegee

SF Chronicle: An interactive feature on the wild fires of California

On set: Turning the dancefloor sideways

Watch: Pet Photos That Make A Splash on Behind The Shot 

TED: Give yourself permission to be creative, by Ethan Hawke

“Great photography is a combination of the right choice of detail, the elimination of all that is inessential and the right moment that makes the picture.” ~ Wolfgang Suschitzky (August 29, 1912 – October 7, 2016)

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2 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08.29.20

  1. This has been a summer unlike any that we have been thru. The good new is we’ve come through mostly healthy, working or teleworking, and are glacially moving forward. Unfortunately, the bad news is like the water in a leaky boat. It won’t go away and more seems to come in. I need to put on “Get Together” and a bunch of other 60’s& 70’s rock and roll and folk music hope that others will hear and heed the message.

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