JSP Visual Week in Review ~ 09.05.20

September morn
We danced until the night
Became a brand-new day

September Morn, Neil Diamond


September is here.

If you’ve been following this blog long enough, you know I now consider Summer to be over.

When that page turns from August to September, that’s it.

Harsh, maybe.

But it has its positives.

I view September 1 the same way many view January 1: A time to close the book on the old and start fresh. To get back on track if you’ve fallen off it, or to keep powering on.

This year has been so weird, not sure any of us have been able to really stay on a track. Much of our creative opportunities have been shut down, only to be replaced by dim replicas.

I’ve shot, what, three shows all year? Way below my norm.

I’ve shot, what, four dozen flower photos while cycling? Way above my norm.

But, as creatives, we need to adapt to the times while fulfilling our instincts.

So, here’s the task I’m giving myself: A new personal project focusing on how we will home school our two boys for this upcoming year.

Basically, a school-year long project, photojournalism style, to document this very historic school year in our family’s life.

This may the be only year we do it.

Or, it may be the norm until they graduate high school.

That said, it’ll be interesting to do a long-form PJ-type assignment. I’m still working out the parameters in my head. I already know it most likely won’t be a Photo-a-Day type deal.

Ever do one of those? I did. It’s nerve-wracking.

But I’ll see what I can see as my wife and I – mostly my wife, granted – embark upon this adventure.

My recommendation is to use now till the end of the year as your time to find some fresh to get started with.

Document your life. Make prints. Make memories.

Oh, and back up your work.


This Week’s Links:

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What I Watched This Week: Mulan, and also Season 1, Episode 1 of Miami Vice.

Sierra Club: How one photographer is using IG to document climate change

Stars & Stripes: RIP Francis J. “Red” Grandy,

UN of Photography: What does it take to be a professional photographer?

New Yorker: The Photographer Peeking At Your Phone (My Hot Take: This is just weird. But so is Jeff, I guess.)

PetaPixel: How to Choose the Correct Focal Length

PetaPixel: How Great Movies Use the Three Color Rule

Vanity Fair: Robin Williams’ Quiet Struggle

“I don’t always know why I’m photographing something. It’s my learning machine.” ~ Bruce Davidson (September 5, 1933)

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