Labor Day 2020

A nurse at a Central New Jersey hospital from a story I worked on back in 2010

On this Labor Day 2020, I’m thinking about all the frontline healthcare workers.

So many have put their health and wellbeing on the line during the time of this pandemic

I’m also thinking all the small-business owners struggling to survive during this time.


Zoe, who owns the local coffee shop in our town

Hector and Nicole, co-owners of Joe’s Allentown Barber Shop, where were closed for months earlier this year.


Bryan Sargent, a NY-based wedding photographer who had tons of shoots cancelled.


Remember Jones, an Asbury Park-based entertainer. So many of my musician friends have been hit hard by the shut downs.

Finally, I’m thinking about all the teachers getting ready to start their 2020-21 school years in-person and remotely, but in ways they never thought they’d have to.

Jen Conley, an author and middle-school teacher

And, speaking of teachers, here’s to all the parents that have decided to homeschool their children in this unprecedented time. Homeschooling, while done for hundreds of years, is no joke. I’m seeing first-hand the amount of work that goes into this.

Kudos to my wife for taking this on in addition to her personal-training business (yes, she’s a small-business owner too) and all the others things it takes to keep our household running.

Thinking about all these people, and all the other, today, Labor Day 2020.

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