JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 09.12.20

“Ignore distractions.

Focus on your people.

Forget the master plan.

Adapt and shift.”

This isn’t original writing.

This was the caption on a Craig Cameron Olsen Instagram post.

CCO and I worked together a looooong time ago, but we still keep in touch.

He inspired me over a cup of coffee then, and he inspired me this weekend when I read this caption to a post.

There’s a lot swirling in my little corner of New Jersey right now. Challenges are upon us.

I’m trying to do every line of that caption right now.



This Week’s Links:

What I Watched This Week: Mulan

What I Read This Week: Finally finished Five Roundabouts to Heaven and started Footfalls on the Trembling Earth. 

What I Listened To This Week: Letter To You by Bruce Springsteen

9/11 Remembrance: Back in 2011, I interviewed Joe McNally about his Faces of Ground Zero project.

Rolling Stone: Right Place, Right Time: Inside the photos of Bob Gruen

NY Times Books: An Invented Artist

Artnet: Chasing California’s Wildfires

Watch (12 min): Christoph Niemann on good we are at reading images

Joe McNally: Missing Tokyo

“It could take three hours to get the lighting right. But, after that, I could make my subject younger than a plastic surgeon could.” ~ Old Hollywood photographer Cornell Lucas  (September 12,1920 -November 8, 2012)

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