JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 09.19.20

Fall is setting in here a few days early. It was downright chilly on a couple of these mornings. Like today.

I didn’t spin many miles on the bike –  too much busy family stuff going on as everyone is getting back into the back-to-school mode.

My 7:30 am to 8:30 am “me time” that was built up since last May seems to be spiraling down the drain.

I get it, nothing stays the same. But I was missing that time a little this week.

During that “me time”, I’d  put my headphones on, and start to pedal. Paved track, gravel track. I’d watch the morning light develop and dance. I I listen to my music.

My mind wanders and opens.

I think about photo projects I could do maybe do. Most never come to fruition.

I look around. I stop and take some photos.

I think about what I want to have for breakfast when I get back.

I’d maybe be out on a gravel travel and remember I had Zoom call in 10 minutes. Except I’m 20 minutes from home.

Ah well.

I’ll figure it out. The schedule will settle and I’ll figure out when I can get back to it.

Fall rides will be fun.

I hope.

But they won’t beat those humid summer mornings under the Jersey sun.

That was my time.


What I Watched This Week: The Wolverine. Really visually interesting. Also, made me what to go back to Japan.

What I Read This Week: Footfalls on the Trembling Earth

NatGeo: The Artic, from Above

Deconstruction: When Trump met Obama

i-D: The crazy life of a rock star 

Watch (13 minutes): Learn by deconstructing by Chase Jarvis

fStoppers: Making it as a commercial photographer

The Guardian: Rene Burri, in color

Whalebone Mag: It all starts with three things

“The best of my career was in my 40s and 50s. I love photography a lot more now than I probably did [when I was young]. You get wisdom, knowledge, understanding of light.” ~ Walter Iooss, Jr, who had a birthday this week (read the Whalebone article about him)

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2 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 09.19.20

  1. Be careful with your “me time” as you putting in miles on the bike or shoes. With the later dawns, drivers may not be keeping as careful a watch for anything that is not another car or truck in the early light.

    • Thanks, David. Very fair point. Since the time change hasn’t taken effect yet, it’s pretty bright out when I go. But that said time change may move my bike time around anyway. I don’t want to be riding in the dark, no matter how much I like it.

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