New Portrait Work

A few days ago, I wrote about the Fuji 15-45 and how it performed as a travel lens.

I also was eager to try it out shooting portraits, and had that chance last week, twice.

The first was photography Kari, an executive with the New York Red Bulls. She’s somewhat new to the role, having come over to from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn earlier this year. So the ask was environmental corporate headshots, no seamless. We wanted to use the field as the main background.

Ironically, on the day we did the photoshoot, it was only her second day physically at the stadium – ever! She’s been working from home basically since Day 1 of her Red Bulls role, because of the lock down.

It was a warm September day, and our shoot started around 3:30. By that time, some of the seats still had nice nice light on them but I could photography Kari without any extra lights, and without her squinting into harsh sunlight.

I really liked the portraits with the 15-45. After working the outside scene for abit, I wanted a few from inside as well. But for a few in there, like below, I used the 50-140 zoom.

I don’t normally get executives for too long, but we were able to work a few scenes for about 40 minutes. But pretty soon, I was back on the NJ Turnpike heading home.

The next shoot came just a few days later. A nearby neighbor needed some new classic headshots on a solid background, for her work and social profiles.

So, I built a little headshot studio in the garage to get the job done. I do a lot work in my “garage studio”, moving the bikes to the side, hiding the lawn tractor, etc. When the sun rises to a certain point, it clears the door but I get a lot of nice diffused light. Here’s the look, straight out of the Fuji XT3.


Still, I wanted to make sure Maria was well light, so I did set up my Neewer Strobe with big octo to pop in a little light. I figured this out by having a stand-in to help me check my lights. Pulled him out of home-schooling for a few minutes.

I like working with the versatility of  Savage Universal gray seamless, and Maria brought a few different jackets and necklaces to change it up a bit.

All in all, this will be a really nice portrait lens for me and I’m looking forward to using it.

Flo was happy to have us working again, too.

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