Dispatches: Lake Smoke

First day of Autumn here in New Jersey.

I drove my daughter to school this morning, my FujiXT3 tucked on the seat next to me. Wasn’t sure I’d see anything but you never know!

As we drove down Main Street, past the The Moth coffeehouse, I looked over and saw an impressive display of lake smoke.

That “smoke” actually is water vapor that forms when really cold air moves over relatively warmer water and the thin boundary layer of warm air just above the surface. When the evaporating water rises, the cold air can only hold so much moisture, forcing the liquid to condense into fog.

And it’s cool to photography.

After I dropped Liv off, I rolled back into town and parked in the small lot by Sensi Park. Grabbed the XT3 and went to see what I could see.

The air was still cool, a beautiful morning in  our little postage stamp-sized town in Central New Jersey.

Both were shot at f/22 using the 15-45mm lense. I like the color version, but the B&W is nice to me as well. I was happy to get those lilly pads in the foreground. Think that adds a little.

Which do you prefer – Color or B&W?

Welcome, Fall.


© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2020

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2 thoughts on “Dispatches: Lake Smoke

  1. Mark, I prefer the B&W. It appears to me the B&W has more detail. Plus without the lily pads the color version has too much on the bottom that doesn’t help the image. Good capture.

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