JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 10.03.20

I’m blinded by the lights
Of October skies
These postcard memories
Evade my eyes

October Skies, Mumford & Sons


Annnnddddd…here we are: October.

And yet another plot twist thrown into this crazy, crazy year.

Busy week on my end. It was only Wednesday and I was wishing for it to be 5 pm on Friday.

Plus our power went out (albeit for just 90 minutes) this week.

And my favorite, cheap Armitron watch, which I’ve been wearing for four years, suddenly went kaput.

I started to search on line for a new one, then realized I had a whole 60 panel of button-cell batteries, so I just changed the battery and it’s good as new. Duh.

I could do a whole post on this watch. I love it.

One good thing about the darkness that starts to fall earlier now: I’m not out till 8:30 throwing baseballs to my boys.

Not that I mind doing that, but it’s getting dark by 7 pm and we’re not set up for night ball. That extra 90 minutes gave me, on Thursday, time to do some photography testing.

Yes, I actually was able to take time to try to learn the flash capabilities on my new Fuji XT3. Specially, how it works with this $30 Onn speedlight I bought in Walmart a few weeks ago.

You know what? It works pretty well, probably well enough for what I need it for. I won’t be doing any crazy Joe McNally-like speedlighting with it, but I think it’ll work. And that price!

I should do a whole post on this Speedlight.

So, it was a hectic, busy, knowledgeable week.

And it’s a new month. Back Up Your Work from September!



This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: Murder Must Wait by Arthur Upfield

What I Watched This Week: Started Fargo Season 4.

Lighting: Dastardly Deeds with Dancers Near the Diner

Village Voice: Robert Mitchum, a Seasoned Champion

Culture Mag: Documenting the Lower East Side

Vanity Fair: The Legend of Peter Beard

VT Digger: The Enduring Magic of Daguerreotype Photographs

NY Times: Teenage Hopper Copied Paintings

“You have to be a pineapple. You have to have a hundred eyes.” ~ photojournalist Dith Pran. You may know of him if you ever saw The Killing Fields. He lived the last part of his life in Woodbridge, New Jersey,  and passed away in New Brunswick, NJ, in 2008.

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