Project: Family Time At Thompson Park

More and more, families want to create lasting memories that live not just on their phones or computers, but on the walls of their homes.

I’ve been getting more requests to do family photoshoots, which is great!

Sammy and Jen reached out a few weeks ago to do just such a shoot. We traded some emails to find not only a day, but also a spot convenient for them.

I found a park in Lincroft, NJ, that would meet all of our needs: Thompson Park.

At least I hoped it would – I had never been there before. Neither had the family.

Luckily, I got down there early to scout around. Almost as soon as I got out of my truck in the parking lot, I knew this would be perfect.

Grand old trees, walking paths and bridges, a wonderful old home that served as the park’s headquarters.

I had numerous options, all within a short span by the parking lot.

Which was good: I knew there were two children involved, and I didn’t want to have to be traipsing all over the park for a good spot. There’s a really nice park and trails near me, but I was worried that, if we picked that spot, there’s be some walking to get the the really nice spots.

Seeing as how that gals were dressed, I was happy we picked this spot. Much more accessible but still with pleasant and different spots to shoot at.

In addition to the “typical” family shots, near the end of the shoot, I set up a cupcake picnic – I wanted the family to be having fun, interacting and not being pose or staged.

A quick trip to the grocery store on the way to shoot got me the cupcakes, settings and some sparkling apple juice to add to the ambiance.

I had one last set-up to do before we wrapped. What made this day more special was that it was Sammy and Jen’s 10th wedding anniversary. So, a few shots with just them were in order.

Now, traditionally, the 10th year of marriage is marked with tin or aluminum. Both materials represent the durability and flexibility needed to sustain a loving union.

So, while picking up the cupcakes, I also bought two really long rolls of tin foil. I had an idea in my head that would be a fun way to get the kids involved as well.

The kids thought this was great, so it was a fun way to finish up. Of course, they wanted to switch places then.

We all had a lot of fun and Sammy and Jen loved the photos. Who knows…maybe the JSP brand will be branching out more into family photos!

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