Prints and Purple Skies

I was up early the other morning, around 6. The new pup was still quiet, but I took her out of her crate (she’s been sleeping through the night already which is nice) and took her out into the yard.

Still dark out, I looked east and saw the crescent moon hanging out there. The sky was a deep blue.

I grabbed my Fuji XT3 to see what I could get…and this is what I got – a red splash from the security light, and purple skies.

Maybe because it was early, and I hadn’t had my four cups of coffee yet, but I couldn’t figure out what was happening.

Then I realized…somehow my RGB profile moved all the way over to magenta, giving the this purple sky.

I’d noticed this happening on the XT3 – my photos are very cool or very warm. Then when I check the color, I realize the dot has moved over to where it shouldn’t be. Not sure how to lock this in place yet, so something I just need to be aware of.

After first thinking I ruined the shot, now I kind of like how this look. A little different take.

Had a few 11X14 prints made that came in from Printique this week. This is from the last summer baseball game the boys played in Staten Island back the first week of August.

The SI team has a nice little stadium, great flag mural on the back wall. Chase on the mound, Matt behind the plate. This is the boys’ happy spots, 46 feet away from each other.

I shot this from the dugout, right after I got the XT3 with the 50-140 zoom. The prints look really nice, already framed and ready to hang in their rooms this weekend.

Here’s another one I like, from this past weekend. Zooming with my feet. I was basically in Matt’s back pocket with my phone camera.

Not printed yet. But soon.

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One thought on “Prints and Purple Skies

  1. The early morning colors are your creative interpretation whether the result started out intentional or not. It should only reflect to artist’s vision of the scene.

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