Friday Fun

Been another long week around these parts.

And, well, around the world.

Thought I’d just pop this out there to maybe bring a little New Jersey beauty to your In box.

I was cycling the other morning along my favorite gravel path.

It was a gray, foggy morning…the kind I love to ride or run in.

The colors are starting to pop. It was a magical morning.

I grabbed this cell phone shot when I saw this runner down ahead of me on the path.

This makes a really nice lock-screen for your phone. It’s mine right now. Grab it if you want.

Stay safe. Rest up. Enjoy the weekend.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2020

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4 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. Gorgeous photo, thanks for bringing some New Jersey beauty into my day here in Liverpool. As I’m about to play the new album from Bruce Springsteen, it’s a NJ day all round!

    • Much appreciated, Paul. Hope you enjoyed the record. Sarfraz Manzor, the director of the movied, Blinded By The Light, on Friday tweeted “I’m trying to imagine all the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of people who are listening to Letter To You at this very moment. It’s a huge community of fans around the world scattered- but connected.” So true.

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