A Ghoulish Good Time


Christmas trees and DJ’s and Ghoulish Girls and Stormtroopers oh my!

Halloween was different in my little part of New Jersey this year. It’s usually a great affair, with Main Street filled with costumed kids.

Not this year, obviously.

So, instead, our neighbor around the corner, whom my sons are friends with their boy, decided to have a small gathering of kids.

Plus a haunted shed.

I was charged with getting reaction shots as the kids came out of the shed.

I kept it pretty simple…not some extravagant setting as a Joe McNally set up, (though I do have some further ideas now)..just my Fuji XT3 and a Neewer Vision 7 strobe set to pop when the kids…or ghouls…came out.

Inside, a couple of portraits of the killer clowns, using my phone light to give me a little.

Simple set up. Simple photography, documenting memories.

Even I got into the make-up act. Maybe my new concert photography look!

A ghoulish good time was had by all.


Hope everyone is enjoying their Dia de Muerto today.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2020

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