Woof Woof!

One of the best things about President-Elect Biden coming into office – and there are many good things that goes along with this – is that he’ll be bringing a dog, two actually, back into the White House.

Yes, Champ and Major will soon be joining Joe and Jill Biden at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Even better, Major will be the first rescue pup to trot down the White House hallways. The Bidens adopted Major from the Delaware Humane Society in 2018.

As per the NY Times, The tradition of presidential pet ownership dates back to George Washington and has been carried on by 30 of the 45 presidents. Mr. Trump was the first president in more than a century without such a companion, a fact that critics (and supportersseized on at several points over the last four years, noting the potential for a pet to benefit one’s health and image.

I doubt a pet would help DJT’s image, but I digress.

Last month, when I did a family portrait shoot, we ended up back at their house, where the pups met us. The photo that leads off this post was part of that. Love how the guy on top is smilin for me.

One of my favorite shots from that shoot is of my friend Brian and his pal, Cody.

Closer to OUR house, Quinn is now 12 pounds, gaining two pounds in the past month. We say she looks like at an AT-AT Imperial Walker from Star Wars because she has these long legs supporting a solid body.

She continues to ingratiate herself with her older, and much bigger at 100 lbs, brother Bo. We crate trained Bo and he still likes to go into it for quiet time – Quinn now likes to climb into his crate with him, settle in right against him and promptly falls asleep. He could care less.

She’s also proving hard to photograph – so black that I can never see her eyes.

Click here to see a collection of photography of Dogs in the White House.

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