Happy Thanksgiving!

Wish(bone)ing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

I know, I know…this year has been a dumpster fire. Pandemic. Racial unrest. Odd press conferences at the Four Season Landscaping Company.

I do hope all of you that stop by my little nook of the Internet have been able to stay safe and healthy, laugh a little and keep your chin up.

We’re all a bunch of tough cookies, don’t forget that!

Despite all that this year has imploded into, there’s still a number of things I’m happy about:

  • My family. I see them more than ever, which is good and bad for all of us. But it’s great to see my boys doing well while being homeschooled and my daughter doing so well with her studies despite the virtual challenges.
  • My wife who continues to be the mainstay of Team Krajnak
  • My new little scruffy puppy, Quinn Lavalette, and my  3 1/2 year old big guy, Bojangles Hawthorne. Watching them play-wrestle 20 times a day never gets old.
  • The fact that I have so many great roads and trails to cycle and run on here in my part of New Jersey.
  • My day job – and the fact that I still have one
  • My photography – the fact that I still got a chance to shoot a few shows and do some portrait sessions this year.
  • And you, my readers, I thank you again for stopping my when you can.

It’ll just be my own family this year around the dinner table. Keeping it small like the Science People ask us to. I hope you do, too, or otherwise stay as safe as possible.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Krajnaks in the Great State of New Jersey!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. This has been a year I will celebrate being over. I have had it pretty good. Many others are not so fortunate. For many, it has been a disaster that is continuing.

    As for the pandemic, the issues I have had have been mostly an inconvenience of wearing masks, having limited or cancelled gatherings, some cancelled meetings, and not being able to go “taking pictures” as much as I would like. The pandemic created more work for my and my colleagues in creating more patient care infrastructure should it be needed, (Thankfully, it has not but we’re seeing it get close to being used. We have many hospitals needing additional staff, nurses and doctors, to care for patients.) On the down side, I’ve lost a couple of co-workers to the virus. Closer to home the granddaughter is going to school and the school is very picky about protocols to keep the kids and staff safe and healthy. They have succeeded thus far. I’m teleworking which save me over an hour a day in commuting to the office and back. All of the immediate family is healthy. Extended family members that have been sick have had mild illnesses. Good friends have been sharing their knowledge on line and on the air (amateur radio) to minimize the effects of no meetings. Many talented writers and photographers have been sharing their work and experience. Thank you for being a member of that esteem group.

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