JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.28.20

I’m turkey-ed out.

Even after making just half of the 18 lb bird we had gotten for the holiday, we still had a lot of leftovers.

We, like many others, only did a family Thanksgiving dinner, not even any immediate family over. It was just the five of us.

So, I took the bird, cut it in half, wrapped up the half we weren’t going to use, and put it in the freezer.  Cooked the other half (and cooked it well, I might add. I roast a really good bird.) And make smaller portions of the sides.

But, while my kids eat healthy, they they are small-portion troops. Same with me and my wife. We’re always trying to keep our fitness (and waistlines) in check so we’re not the gorging types.

So, in the last few days, we’ve had turkey soft tacos, turkey pot pies and turkey soup.

And I don’t even try to eat animals much anymore.

Anyway, it was a nice holiday. Hope you all had  a good one too.

Hey, it’s the end of the month – Back Up Your Work! 



This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: I finished up Ruin City. This was a “found book” – I literally found it someplace. Doubt I would have read it otherwise.

What I Watched This Week: I finished The Queen’s Gambit. Absolutely loved it. My wife wasn’t as intrigued. If you watched it, what did you think?

What I Watched This Week, Part 2: The Christmas Chronicles 2

BBC: Roy DeCarava’s Stunning Photos of Jazz Greats

Film School Rejects: Scoring Double Indemnity

Production Booth Podcast: Andrew Nette talks about To Live and Die in LA

Here’s who Andrew Nette is.

RIP Ernest Brooks III

“Just like you focus a camera lens to get the photo you’re after, you focus your lens in life on the vision of what you want. Get the image sharp.” ~ Ernest Brooks III


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