Dispatches: A Midweek GOYA

It’s been a while since I did a proper GOYA.

What’s a GOYA?

What, you don’t remember that  blog post from 11 years ago?

You must be new around here, then.

Wednesday, I was sitting in front of the screen to long.

It was 42 degrees, sunny, but windy. Too windy/cold for me to go for a ride or a run.

But I had to get out. Stretch my legs.

I pushed away from my desk around 3:45, laced up the hikers, donned a hoodie and my LL Bean sherpa jacket and grabbed the XT3.

Walked up a half mile to my favorite gravel trail, an old railroad line. I road it a lot this summer on my bike, jogged it as well.

But man, it was windy. Almost turned around before I got there,

The sun was running low, the cold wind actually felt good in a perverse way.

The goal was to make some photos – something, anything, to rev the creative juices.

The trail was so similar, I wasn’t seeing anything new. At first.

Sometimes, you just have to keep chasing the light, even if it’s fading.

Are these great images?


But it’s the exercise – both the physical and the mental, that helps keep you sharp and ready – for when you DO need it.

Try it. Get out and GOYA.

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