JSP Visual Week IN Review ~ 12.12.20

This week, I tried to enroll in a COVID vaccine clinical trail.

Frankly, I’m disappointed I didn’t do this a couple of months ago. What was I thinking?

I work for a company in J&J that is knocking on the door of a cornonavirus vaccine. Having been in in a number our labs around the world on photoshoots, and having with our Chief Scientific Officer going back to 2004, I have the utmost faith in our scientists working on this.

So I tried to enroll in the ENSEMBLE trail.

Unfortunately, there were no openings in my demographic, in my area. I guess they are full of 50 year old white guys.

Seriously, though, I want this pandemic to end. And the only way that will happen, and for life to “get back to normal” is a vaccine.

It’s great that one is already coming to market soon. But more will be needed by as many companies as possible.

I read, mostly on Facebook…stay off Facebook, about people saying I won’t take this! People aren’t test subjects!

Um, yes we are. And those tests are called clinical trials. And the people in the trials are volunteers.

This isn’t Nazi Germany where they are pulling people off the street and having Josef Mengele and his sadistic doctors experimenting on people.

The ONLY way a new medicine/vaccine can come to market is by being tested first on animals (though scientists are improving on that too) and then on human beings, first adults, then young population.

I can’t take part in a new cancer drug clinical trial. I don’t have cancer. I can’t take part in a new mental health medicine.

But, I am a healthy, middle aged guy that CAN take part in a coronavirus vaccine clinical trial to see if THIS one could potentially help millions of people worldwide.

Listen, I know people are sketchy about new vaccines. I get that. But someone has to be a test subject. So why not me…or us.

I’m not telling you to sign up for a trial. But I’m saying at least consider it. Me, I’d love to be part of the solution.

There’s no obligation take part even if you qualify. Maybe click the link above and see. Answer the questions and go from there.

Is it scary to maybe take a new vaccine that’s been spun up in record time? Sure it. But again, personally, I trust the scientists in my company. I want to get vaccinated. I want to see my parents again and be in the middle of the crowd at The Stone Pony shooting a show.

Until then, the virus continues to rage. Mask up. Wash your hands. Hold off on going out to dinner or other potentially crowded places. Stay six feet apart. Wash your hands.

Did I say mask up?


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched This Week: Mank. I didn’t love it. May need to give it another shot. Also, Season 1, Episode 1 of Justified. I miss that show.

What I Read This Week: This obit, of NY photographer, Louis Requena, is one of the best I’ve ever read.

NY Times: Jackson Pollack, Before The Drip

Joey L blog post: Global Agriculture. (I haven’t looked at Joey L’s work in a while. He’s changed his style. I like this.)

Watch: Advancing Your Photography and The shocking secret behind HCB’s iconic photo

Advice, via Austin Kleon: Quantity Leads To Quality 

NatGeo: A Year In Pictures (disclaimer: I think it’s too early for YIP’s just yet)

People: Brian Hamill remembers photographing John & Yoko

Dan Bailey: Using diagonal lines for stronger composition

“There are 15 people taking a photograph at the same time; each has his own style. But there’s only one who gets the right moment and the right angle.” ~ Homai Vyarawalla (December 9, 1913 – January 15, 2012)

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