JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 12.19.20

This has been an out-of-control trash fire of a year.

But heading into Christmas week has got me to thinking. Several few mile walks this week gave me the time and space to do that.

It’s been a helluva year, yes. there are many blessings all around us.

So many people have had it so tough – from many small business and my musician/creative arts friends to those that are battling COVID19.

We had sweeping racial injustice reactions/riots and a U.S. government that has blundered at every turn.

Not really sure this year, as a whole, could have gone worse.

But as we draw down on 2020, I am trying to take stock and remember that while 2020 has been a dumpster fire, I/we have been really fortunate despite it all.

My job stayed safe. My family has stayed health. I took some photos. We got a new puppy.

Sure, we’ve had all our personal obstacles to overcome, along with the big ones that were looming over the globe this year.

We’ll all never forget 2020.

These days leading up to Christmas are always my favorite. Work is winding down for the year, and there’s just a nice quietness to it.

I’m going to hopefully take some time and enjoy it. Hope you do to – whatever holiday you celebrate, even if it’s Festivus.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: Selected short stories in The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries

What I Watched This Week: Lady On A Train

Watch: Since today is his birthday... Tony Vaccaro at 98

Monroe Gallery: Bob Gomel has been a witness, and a participant, to history.

Advice: If you want to remember something, try drawing it.

RIP: John Le Carre. I’ve never read his books but should try one.

Learn: Online classes at Nikon School free till December 31.

Watch: Daniel Norton on coping with failure as a creative. 

“When you do not like human beings, you cannot make good portraits.” ~ Gisèle Freund (December 19, 1908 – March 31, 2000)

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