Dispatches: Winter Solstice!

We’ve hit the Winter Solstice here in North America.


My disdain of winter has never been a secret. Read any of my past blog posts and it’s pretty clear. Though the scale has changed in recent year. I hate it less.

Now, I try to make it work for me. And to enjoy what I get to see.

We got some snow last week. Rather than hibernating, I put on my boots and walked.

And went tobogganing with the kids.

And walked some more.

And always, shooting. And sledding. Yeah, even sledding too. (that’s the same sled I was using back in 1978.)


All this was before winter even officially started. Are we in for a rough, pandemic-padded winter?

The woodpile is stocked. We shall see. All I know is…the days start to get longer, ever so slightly, after this and and Spring is on the way.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2020

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